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Average distance from Downtown:  10 minutes

The City of Westlake Hills was founded and incorporated as a village on September 9, 1953, by a small group of people who wanted to preserve the lifestyle of the hills.  The city is an upscale suburb of Austin, located on the southwest side of Austin on the edge of the Hill Country.  The city developed rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s with many luxury homes in the hills on the south side of the Colorado River.  The city then included approximately the same area as the city boundaries do today.  On December 3, 1957, the village was changed to a city to achieve broader powers.  The today is comprised of 2,560 acres with approximately 40 miles of public streets.  The population is just over 3,000.  There are approximately 200 businesses in Westlake Hills.

In Texas, until a city's population exceeds 5,000 it is classed as a General Law City, which means that legislature controls by statute and determines its authority and power, for example, in most cases, Westlake Hills cannot annex territory in is extraterritorial jurisdiction unless a majority of registered voters of the area to be annexed sign a petition seeking annexation.

Westlake Hills is unique in many ways.  The citizens and their elected and appointed officials are all dedicated to preserving the rural environment and maintaining the natural beauty of the area.  Growth is inevitable, but every precaution is taken to ensure controlled growth that is compatible with the city's ideals.  The city council has passed strict ordinances limiting lot size to an one-acre minimum, setbacks for buildings and other zoning and building restrictions to ensure minimum disturbance of the environment.

The primary duties of the council and the city administration are to provide public safety and to control development in a manner that will preserve the natural environment and protect the health and welfare of the citizens.  The city council meets regularly the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Citizens are invited to attend council meetings and their input and presence is always welcome.  

As an added note, the Westlake Hills has one of the lowest city tax rates in the state.